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Slimed is an action-platformer where you play as an extra terrestial slime captured by military agents testing your capabilies, show them just how weak there earth weapons are!


Left arrow moves Left

Right arrow moves Right

Up arrow moves Up

Down arrow moves Down

When you go over a gap you will start to stretch, if you let go of all arrow keys or hit a wall while stretching you'll return to your previous position!

If you let go of the arrow keys when you're over a solid platform you'll land there instead.

Level Editor:

Slimed uses a map system made from Ascii characters, you can put you're own in the StreamingAssets folder located in the project .rar at run time and upon level restart you'll be greeted by the levels you want!

1. Navigate to Slimed_v0.9 on your PC

2. Go into Slimed_Data and then SteamingAssets

3. Place you're file here with the naming convention "Level_XX" for 2 digit numbers or "Level_X" for 1 digit numbers, where x is the level number

4. Or open one of the existing files and edit it yourself using the legend here:

* = Fence

! = Fire off

~ = Fire warm

+ = Fire on!

E = Goal

S = Player

. = Platform

# = Pit

@ = Item

_ = Horizontal Rat

| = Vertical Rat

V = Downwards Turret

< = Leftwards Turret

> = Rightwards Turret

^ = Upwards Turret

All map files MUST have 3 digits at the top of the file as such: 7,7,x where x is the movement distance it takes to get to the exit, this calculates the star rating for a level.


Game Created by Team Flubber:

Dillon Curry - Programmer

Tyron Wilmot - Programmer

Liam Halley - Designer

Animations and Models done by:

Alana Jonas

Misaki Brockman

Will Smith

Spencer Gibson

Jacob Schwarze

Jorge Aliaga

Sam Hilliard


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