A downloadable AI Simulation for Windows

Turtle time is an AI simulation in which the AIs use a Goal Orientated Action Planning system (GOAP) to figure what actions to use to best fulfill their goal and uses an A* Path-finding system to get there too!

There are currently two AIs that spawn: Turtle and Fly.

Turtle will conform to the water ways as they see fit to get to a phone and call in a tasty pizza to eat later.

Fly will try and get pieces from the phones to activate a beacon and avoids the water.

You can currently remake the level, save it or load a level you've made before.

There are plans for many more AI that do drastically different things emerging from simple rules, I hope to have an eco system that's both humorous in nature and results in complex actions being performed. A debug system will also be added so you can adjust various settings for map generation.

Install instructions

1. Extract the folder using WINrar or similar

2. Launch TurtleTime.exe

3. Enjoy!


TurtleTime.rar 15 MB

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